Vape Top – 600mg THC (Multiple Strains)
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Vape Top – 600mg THC (Multiple Strains)

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Vaping has been a force to be reckoned with in the last 10 years, getting a huge following since it’s the introduction in the early 2000’s, the tobacco industry has realized that this new player in the industry has come to destroy them. Same goes with medical marijuana, it has been a huge threat against big pharmaceutical companies for its fast and effective results of relieving pain and depression compared to traditional medicine where it has very bad side effects. With the two of them combined, it has created a revolution against traditional medicine and smoking, however, with a more healthy and effective approach. Weed flavored vapor has been gaining steam in the last few years, more and more users are into vaping and marijuana and they wanted the enjoy the both of them in one platform, thus our engineers have created the best medical marijuana vaporizer that both worlds can offer. Not only you enjoy vaping, but you are treating your illnesses such as muscle pains, chronic pain, and depression while enjoying blowing clouds across the room. Top cannabis vaporizers are available in numerous strains and we offer you the best: Violator Kush, White Castle, Nuken, Tuna Kush, Master Kush, and Gorilla Glue. These top vape flavors will surely satisfy your taste buds while helping you enjoy the true essence of vaping. Grab our best vape flavors in our store and be amazed of the flavors we have in-stored for you!


Master Kush, Nuken, Tuna Kush

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