Strawberry Gummies – 25mg THC (6 pieces)
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Strawberry Gummies – 25mg THC (6 pieces)

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Product Description:

The Strawberry Gummies, is the mixture of sweet and sour flavor altogether in one candy, making it one of the most unique candies in the marijuana industry. Known as the go-to candy during those tight situations where you need energy and suppress social anxiety at the same time. The golden strawberry gummies strain came in a jelly form because jelly is a more effective carrier of THC making the dosage close to its other strains content. However, the strawberry cream strain offers a slow but effective hit when it takes over your body with its unique punch crawling into your body system soothing the vital points and joints of your body giving you the more relaxed tone spreading all across your bloodstream creating a chain of relaxation into your cerebral system also.

This strawberry gummies marijuana has made a strong presence in the market, making it one of the most sought after candies out there due to its slow and discreet hit where you can use safely while in the public. It also creates an impression that you just a consumed a simple strawberry gummies flavored candy making your breath smelling good without any traces of marijuana. Due to popular demand, we have added this strawberry pie strain into our collection making it as one of our best sellers. Considered by critics and users as one of the most innovative candies that you can mix marijuana with.

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