Sour Keys – 25mg THC (6 pieces)
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Sour Keys – 25mg THC (6 pieces)

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The Sour Keys gummy candy- an innovative way to consume your daily dose of our wonder plant. Invented a couple of years ago during the early stages of marijuana getting medical recognition, the sour soothers became the first of its kind to offer edible gummy candies to the public and became a sensational hit. Its convenience of bringing your medicine inside your pocket during those tight times became a staple of these kinds of candies which paved the way of other candies to be produced with all sorts of flavors and characteristics. However, the sour keys was one of the founding fathers of these candies which were a vital instrument to push several government bodies to recognize marijuana as a medical alternative to several diseases incurable by medical science.

Perhaps these gummy sour keys also revolutionized the public’s perception of marijuana from a dangerous drug into a beneficial one. Though in a form of a candy, the Sour Keys also offers medical relief from traditional marijuana. Due to popular demand from the market, producers of these amazing candies started to come up with all sorts of varieties of candies making it more popular as the years pass by and sending a message throughout the world that marijuana is one of the medical alternatives that should be taken into consideration. The Sour Keys offers relief from anxiety, chronic pains, and depression – taking them under controlled and forgotten for a brief time. With that being said, we have added this wonderful candy into our collection making it more available to all with a simple click of the mouse on your computer. We highly recommend this for both beginners and advanced users alike, making your marijuana experience with a touch of innovation. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab these gummy candies now!

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