Sour Berries – 25mg THC (6 pieces)
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Sour Berries – 25mg THC (6 pieces)

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Product Description:

The Sour Berries – considered as a sleeper in the vast selection of marijuana candies, is a proven and effective candy that helps combat depression, anxiety, and muscle spams altogether. Overshadowed by some of the popular candies in the market today, the sour berries strain has slowly built a reputation as one of the most reliable candies out there. It also brings out the child inside of you with a mix of its sourness and sweetness all in one candy! Ever since the introduction of these marijuana candies, the sour berry kush has gone under the radar from average consumers and straight to advanced users making it a vital candy to be with them. Though it came in the market unnoticed, the sour berries OG is definitely a game changer and has helped thousands by providing them that extra cushion from there ailments. The sour berry weed is a hybrid Indica dominant strain with an average THC level of 24-25% which balances the hit once it takes over your body. Make no mistake about it, the Sour Berries can knock you on your feet with happiness and numb mind state. Those traits can be traced from its parent strains: the Purple Berry Kush and Sour Diesel making it a force to be reckoned with.

On that note, it’s a no-brainer that we included this into our collection making you choose what’s best for you based on the needs you want to hit. We offer the Sour Berries in a fresh 6 pieces pack and each piece passed our Quality Assurance team to ensure perfect overall experience once used.

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