Little Grizzlies Hard Candy (50mg)
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Little Grizzlies Hard Candy (50mg)



Product description

If you’re a fan of weed edibles, you should definitely try these delicious marijuana hard candies. Our Little Grizzlies hard candy, made from Phoenix Tears, contain 10mg of THC in each piece, which makes them an ideal choice for a novice user. Not to mention, eating marijuana candies is way healthier and safer than smoking weed.

These extremely tasty Little Grizzlies hard candy are usually recommended for beginners, as 10mg of THC is a suggested dose to start with if you’re about to try the marijuana-infused food for the first time. For more experienced cannabis enthusiasts, we recommend either eating more of these goodies or buying our 25mg Little Grizzlies, infused with 25mg of THC.

Each marijuana hard candy is infused with a decent amount of THC, which is a perfect dose to enjoy the effects of marijuana without the need to smoke a joint. Moreover, the high after consuming edibles is slightly different than after smoking weed. It may take anywhere between 40 to 60 minutes for the effects to occur, but it’s certainly worth the wait. As for the effects, these may last up to 6 hours, inducing an intense, body-concentrated high.

If you’re more interested in the medical benefits of these delicious marijuana hard candies, these might come in handy for relieving pain, and since the effects last up to 6 hours, eating Little Grizzlies hard candy may help you find a long-lasting relief. Additionally, marijuana edibles help in reducing nausea, while inducing appetite.

More facts about the product

If you need more reasons to bite into this delicious THC infused Little Grizzlies hard candy, keep in mind that they induce relaxation while easing the pain. As these marijuana candies contain 10mg of THC, you can easily dose the pleasure, depending on your needs and experience.

For those of you who suffer from any digestive issues, it’s recommended to eat marijuana-infused food, as it helps improve these conditions. Nicely infused with THC and made from Phoenix Tears, Little Grizzlies hard candy are suggested for easing insomnia, depression, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. Although you don’t really need more reasons for eating these tasty edibles, they will provide you with uplifted mood, and all-day long happy state of mind. As the high will start to disappear, you’ll feel very relaxed and ready to take a long, regenerating nap.

If you’re not sure how to dose these cotton candy-flavored marijuana candies, it depends on the level of your experience. If you’re a beginner, start with just one piece and increase the dosage over time. However, if you’re a more experienced cannaisseur, feel free to indulge with these edible weed candy, as 10mg of THC is usually a safe dose for a newbie. Thus, these candies are recommended for beginners or those of you who can’t get enough with the amazing combination of THC and cotton candy sweetness.



1 x Mixed Berry, 5 x Mixed Berry

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