Green Crack Hybrid Shatter
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Green Crack Hybrid Shatter

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Product Description:

Green Crack cannabis is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its genetic stem are from Skunk #1, though some may say it comes from the Afghani Landrace, too. It is one of the most popular sativa strains in the world, even Snoop Dog’s one favorite strain. Originally created in Athens, Georgia USA back in the 70s. This strain is perfect for your wake and bake sessions. Moreover, it helps you keep motivated and focused. No wonder lots of ganja users love our Green Crack shatter as it is great for daytime consumption.


The high effect of this strain is extraordinary compared to other sativa cannabis strain. It has mood boosting and energy jolting effect. It’s mental buzz helps you keep going throughout the day. Although, be watchful, as its negative effects are dry mouth, dry eyes, anxious, paranoid and dizziness so remember to be always hydrated.

Other Facts Related to Green Crack Hybrid Shatter:

Sativa Dominant

THC: 24-25%

Effects: Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Focused

Relieves: Insomnia, Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Inflammation and Headaches

Flavors: Earthy, Tangy-fruity flavor, Sweet

Aromas: Tropical and Citrus


Weight N/A

Gram, 1/8 Oz (3.5 gr), 1/4 Oz (7 gr), 1/2 Oz (14 gr), 1 Oz (28 gr)

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3 reviews for Green Crack Hybrid Shatter
  • (verified owner)

    4 out of 5

    The green crack shatter was excellent, although the taste was quiet fully there. The high was great!

  • (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Super good tasty !! Color light yellow very powerfull stuff !! I like this one better than the mk ultra because its so much easier to deal with this one that other like mk ultra…it is not sticky at all and if freezzed it does break like just became my new favorite one in the 30$ categorie.

  • (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I bought some of this and by far one of my favorite strains now, can come in and out of cerebral buzz, very fun, and no couch lock unlock so many other strains

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