Most Popular Questions About Marijuana – Answered
marijuana questions

If you’re about to try weed for the first time, it’s normal to feel a little bit intimidated with all these marijuana questions. However, you don’t need to fear the herb, as there are many ways you can consume marijuana safely in order to get the most from this plant.

We’ve prepared a list of the most common questions about weed to save you confusion and allow you to learn more about this amazing plant.

1. Is weed bad for my health?

Although we don’t have a clear answer to this question yet, the majority of marijuana enthusiasts will confirm that weed comes with a wide range of benefits, while there are no serious side effects of using it. There is no proof weed is 100% safe for everyone, but most importantly, there is no link between long-term lung damage and marijuana use. Moreover, cannabis is not associated with brain impairment, cancer, or any serious diseases. Keep in mind though, weed is not recommended for people under the age of 16.

2. How is it to be high?

First of all, marijuana affects everyone differently, which is why you would get Weed Medical Cannabis Onlinevarious answers to this question. However, there is a range of effects that most marijuana users may experience after their green sessions. These include euphoric, happy, and giggly mood. On the other hand, some marijuana strains may induce a more calming effect, making the user sleepy, while others will provide you with a strong kick of energy and creative high. The effects also depend on the amount of THC and CBD in a particular strain, which are active compounds in the marijuana plant. All in all, feeling high means being relaxed, feeling happy, euphoric, and getting rid of stress from both body and mind. Nonetheless, smoking too much pot may lead to anxiety or paranoia; although they wear off over time, keep in mind it’s best to keep your intake of marijuana in moderation – like all other enjoyable things in life.

3. What are sativas and indicas?

To cut the long story short, we divide weed into two main categories: sativas and indicas. Since sativa cannabis strains induce a euphoric and energizing high, these are ideal for daytime use. Indicas, on the other hand, provide a calming experience, making your muscles relax and putting you to sleep. Thus, indica cannabis strains are perfect for relaxing evenings. You can also choose a hybrid marijuana strain, which is a combination of different sativa strains and indica strains, or a mix of both indica and sativa. When choosing a hybrid that is a cross between sativa and indica, you can choose sativa-dominant, indica-dominant or an even hybrid, depending on the effects you want to get.

4. Is marijuana addictive?

One of the most popular questions about weed is whether or not the herb is addictive. The answer is really easy: no. Keep in mind marijuana is definitely not addictive, which has been confirmed by The National Institute on Drug Abuse in their report saying that yes, cannabis users may develop marijuana use disorder, but the plant is surely not addictive. It all comes down to the definition of the term “addiction”, which means developing a physical dependence on a particular substance. Now, studies confirm that marijuana is not physically addictive as there are no chemical compounds in the herb that may lead to addiction. However, marijuana users may feel the urge to take a hit when they’re not able to smoke at the time and get high, it’s probably just marijuana use disorder, not an addiction.

5. Is there a difference between recreational and medical marijuana?

Many people wonder what is the difference between medical and recreational pot. Basically, the main difference is whether or not you have a prescription for marijuana. You see, marijuana becomes medical when it’s prescribed by a doctor for a particular disorder. Usually, recreational marijuana has more THC and is less packed with CBD, while medical weed tends to have higher levels of cannabidiol and less THC. However, many “recreational cannabis strains” come with a wide range of medical benefits, helping with many conditions. As for both medical and recreational marijuana, keep in mind there is a wide range of products available on the market, such as shatter, kief, dried flower, oils, hash, edibles, and even pre-rolls! You can visit our online dispensary to see a whole new world of interesting cannabis products.

6. Why is marijuana still illegal in many countries around the world?

Now that you’ve learned the answers to these 5 most popular questions about weed, you’re probably wondering why on earth weed is still banned in so many places? The answer is not simple, but the most likely reason is that many countries don’t know how to regulate marijuana in the first place. Some marijuana enthusiasts believe that alcohol-, tobacco- and pharmaceutics-related companies are trying to stop the global legalization of cannabis.

Since marijuana comes with a range of medical benefits, the legalization of this plant could significantly decrease the demand not only for prescription drugs but also alcohol and tobacco. Thus, we should be happy about the marijuana legalization in Canada, and let’s hope that the rest of the world will follow us soon!

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