7 Ways to Make Your Weed Last Longer
how to make weed last longer

Feel like spending too much money on weed? Wondering how did you manage to smoke all of your cannabis jars content? Let’s face it, the only downside of being a dedicated stoner is the stress it puts on your bank account.

If you want to become a truly economical stoner, we’ve prepared 7 tips to make your weed last longer and save you a bunch of money, while still getting high. Here we go!

1. Save roaches

Although a bit gross, it’s probably one of the oldest and most popular advice in terms of saving on weed. However, sometimes you just have to do what’s necessary to get through your day when you don’t have any fresh stuff left in your jar. Keep in mind there may be enough stuff in a bunch of roaches to roll a joint or load a bong!

2. Consider vaping

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Vaping marijuana is probably the healthiest method of consuming weed, and one of the most economical, as it requires less stuff to get you as high as after smoking a joint. In fact, vaping weed allows you to finally taste the flavor and fully smell the aroma of your buds. Although purchasing a vaporizer is a bit of investment, it will pay for itself in no time!

3. Make a plan

Sounds ridiculous when it comes to smoking weed? It doesn’t really matter as long as it works. Consider preparing weed rations for each day, thinking of it as a “marijuana diet”. Once you stick to it, your weed will last much longer. Plus, your tolerance may drop, which means you’ll get better highs when smoking. Additionally, you may want to cut down on your blunts, as these use a lot of weed as well as blunt wraps, leading to bigger costs of smoking.

4. Leave your stuff at home

For those of you who love spending time outside with your bag of marijuana, consider leaving most of your stuff at home. We’ve all tried telling ourselves we won’t smoke all of our weed, ending up with an empty jar at the end of a party. It just doesn’t work. Plus, you don’t want your friends to get used to the fact you’re always the one bringing weed.

5. Use a good grinder

If you don’t have a grinder yet, order a good one. If you already have a grinder, consider investing in a three-tier grinder, which comes with a kief catcher. When using a grinder designed to catch the kief falling from your dried flowers, it’s easier to save some potent, delicious and powdery substance loaded with THC. With a quality grinder, you’ll save a ton of money long term.

6. Take a tolerance break

Sounds like a nightmare? Although we all love weed and there is nothing wrong in using it regularly, it’s possible to develop weed tolerance over time. Thus, if you feel like you can’t get high on weed anymore, it may be a sign it’s time for a tolerance break.

7. Choose edibles

Last but not least, consider switching to edibles. First of all, in order to make edibles, there is a big amount of weed required. Thus, cannabis-infused food can result in a more powerful and longer high. Although it takes a bit more for the effects to kick in, edibles are definitely way more potent than joints. Moreover, because you’re ingesting cannabinoids instead of inhaling, you’ll get a whole new type of high, inducing a completely unique state of mind.

If you’re a truly dedicated stoner, it won’t be easy to make your weed last longer and we all know that. However, with our tips and your strong will you can actually save a lot of money and make your stuff last much longer than usual. Do you have any weed money saving tips? Share your ideas in the comment!

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