How to Smoke Shatter?
how to use shatter wax

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada, cannabis products, including concentrates, are becoming incredibly popular among weed enthusiasts. One of these products is shatter, known for being the purest and cleanest types of cannabis concentrates.

If you’re wondering how to smoke shatter, we’ve prepared an in-depth look at this concentrate. Read on to find out what exactly is shatter, what are the benefits of using it and how to do it properly.

What is Shatter?

As we mentioned before, shatter is a pure and clean cannabis concentrate, famous for its flawless glass transparency. Although its consistency depends on the temperature, it usually looks like honey, but sometimes, it may also look like glass or be


When it comes to cannabis extracts and concentrates, shatter is known for its highest level of THC and terpenes, inducing a long-lasting and intense high. The amount of THC in shatter can reach up to 90%!

Now that you know exactly what shatter is, it’s high time you learned out how to use it and make the most of your experience with marijuana concentrates. Ready?

How to Smoke Shatter?

Usually, people using marijuana concentrates call these extracts “dabs”. The term comes from one of the most common methods of consuming shatter, which is dabbing the stuff through an oil rig.

Oil Rig

In order to smoke shatter, prepare an oil rig, or a glass pipe – you name it. It has a mouthpiece with a hole, which leads to a vertical chamber.

Aside from having a glass pipe, you should also prepare a nail for smoking shatter, which goes through a hole in your glass pipe. There are four types of nails you can choose from:

  • glass nails, which are the most common. Although very effective, they tend to
    how to smoke shatter
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    crack over time when heated.

  • ceramic nails are the newest invention on the dabbing market, and they’re already most recommended for medical marijuana patients.
  • titanium nails are among the most popular choices when it comes to dabbing shatter. It takes less time to heat these types of nails than glass ones, and they are more durable when it comes to daily use.
  • quartz nails are known for their ability to save the precious and tasty terpenes in your concentrates. Keep in mind these nails are similar to glass ones in terms of intense use, they may crack over time.

Now that you have your oil rig and nail prepared, it’s time to start heating the nail. Once it reaches red color, grab a quartz or titanium dabber and scoop up a dose of the shatter. Now, dab it onto your nail and start inhaling the thick smoke! The recommended temperature for dabbing is between 550 and 750 degrees on the surface.

Roll Shatter Into a Joint

Dreaming about a stronger joint that burns slowly? Then, dear friends, adding shatter may prove invaluable. Be careful though, as shatter tends to stick to the rolling papers, which may lead to troubles lighting up the joint. Thus, when rolling your joint, try to add some oil, keeping in mind not to let it reach the end of your joint. You see, touching the shatter with an open flame leads to losing the THC, as it burns extremely fast. Long story short, you won’t get a chance to inhale it into your lungs. All in all, if you roll your joint carefully, it won’t be difficult, as the dried flower sticks to concentrates beautifully.

Vaporize It

Do we have any weed fans who take extreme caution when it comes to health? If yes, then you might consider vaporizing the shatter as your go-to consumption method. Nonetheless, keep in mind that vaporization doesn’t give the most powerful experience. There is no perfect way of vaping shatter, as it always induces less intense effects with less flavor.


Now that you know how to consume shatter, it’s time to get to know the benefits of this amazing marijuana concentrate!

The Benefits of Shatter

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Whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, consuming shatter offers a brand new experience, as it contains the highest amount of cannabinoids.

Once you take the first hit, you get immediately high, which may be extremely helpful for medical marijuana patients seeking fast and efficient relief. Keep in mind marijuana may be a great source of relief when it comes to many conditions, including anxiety, inflammation, pain, glaucoma, PTSD, depression, and more.

As one of the cleanest and purest forms of cannabis concentrates, shatter is extremely potent and powerful. Thus, we recommend you to keep things in moderation and take baby steps as you begin your journey with cannabis concentrates.

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