How to Smoke Marijuana
smoking weed

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced marijuana user, it’s good to get to know the different ways to smoke weed in order to fully enjoy your cannabis sessions. With all the things you can smoke marijuana out of, you may think of learning how to use pot as a bit confusing. However, once you understand all the options you can choose from when it comes to using weed, you’ll see smoking weed is not as hard at all!

How to Inhale Properly

how to smoke weed
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The first thing to learn is how to inhale pot properly. To cut the long story short, take a slow and deep breath until you feel the smoke, then “push” it with a small gasp of fresh air and allow it to travel down straight into your lungs. Simply put, at the end of taking a deep breath with smoke, it’s recommended to grab some fresh air to make it easier to inhale.

Many people believe in one of the most popular myths about cannabis that it’s best to hold in the smoke for a couple of seconds in order to get high. However, there is no particular reason for doing so, as cannabinoids found in weed get in your system within the first couple of seconds after inhaling the smoke.

Last, but not least, never swallow the smoke, as it may lead to vomiting or having an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach.

Common Issues: Coughing and Burning Throat

Here’s the bad news for those of you who are newbies in smoking weed: you’re probably going to cough after the first inhalation. This is because you’re not used to the feeling of pot smoke in your lungs. As you take your first real hit, it’s good to know all the tips to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms and fully enjoy your first smoking session.

First of all, start with small hits to gain experience before you start taking bigger clouds of smoke. Additionally, many people recommend using a bubbler, which is a simple tool for filtering smoke through the water. Although it’s not as intense as a bong, it allows you to cool down the hot smoke and avoid burning your throat. Moreover, water filters the unwanted substances found in smoke, which is a great benefit in terms of health.

What if you’re already dealing with burning throat? Take a break from smoking and drink a glass of cold water before taking your next hit.

How to Smoke Marijuana?

Now that you know all the tips for smoking weed for the first time, it’s time to learn the differences between the most popular ways to smoke weed. Go ahead and find the perfect option for you!

Smoke It In a Joint

This is probably the most popular and the easiest method of smoking weed. If you’re a newbie, smoking a joint is a perfect choice for you. All you need to do is choose your papers, tips, grind your weed and roll your first joint.

Roll a Blunt

Although smoking a joint and smoking a blunt is pretty much the same thing, there are few key differences between these two options. You see, the joint is smaller and is consists pure weed, while blunt is bigger, which makes it perfect for group sessions, and it comes wrapped in a tobacco leaf. Thus, blunts are usually more harsh on the throat while smoking. The common thing is that you roll a blunt exactly the same way as you would roll a joint. The only difference is the volume and ingredients of these two things.

Use a Pipe

It’s a perfect way to enjoy weed with your friends if you’re looking for a few quick hits. Smoking weed out of a pipe, also known as a bowl, is also great for those who want to take just one hit from their stash. Glass pipes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but the most popular type is a spoon. First, you need to grind your stuff before filling the bowl with it. Try not to overpack your pipe with pot, as it makes it harder to smoke. Once your pipe is packed, light it up, putting your finger on top of the small hole in your bowl. In order to inhale, release the thumb from the pipe and inhale. Repeat until you’re out of your pot in the pipe.

Smoke Weed in a Bong

Although the way of smoking weed depends on your experience and preferences, many people agree smoking weed out of a bong is one of the most exciting ways to use marijuana. Keep in mind it may be a bit too heavy for newbies, though! Smoking weed in a bong is similar to smoking a glass pipe, but you need to fill your bong with water first. It will make your smoke gorgeously milky! Once you pour water into the bong, use a grinder or your hands to break down pot into smaller pieces. Now, pack the bowl with weed, light it up and start inhaling. Once you see enough white smoke inside your bong, take the first hit and enjoy the device.

Use a Vaporizer

Last, but not least, the healthiest method to consume weed – vaporizing.

smoking marijuana
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Vaporizing allows you to enjoy its benefits without the downsides of smoke. In terms of the medical use of marijuana, vaporizing is the best option to consume the plant. You can choose from portable vaporizers or desktop units. While portable vaporizers are perfect to use on the go, their desktop counterparts will come in handy for longer sessions that host a large group of people.

With this guide, it will be a lot easier to get through your first smoking session and make it a truly unforgettable experience. However, keep in mind we all experience marijuana differently and the plant comes with a wide range of effects, depending both on the person and the type of weed they’re using.

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