How to Smoke Hash?
how to smoke hash

Hash is one of the types of marijuana products that we use a bit differently than dried cannabis flowers. The use of hash by humans carries years of history, yet still many people don’t know how to smoke hash and what effects come after. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about hash, this article covers the basic information on what exactly hash is, as well as on the most popular consumption methods. Here we go!

hindu hashWhat is Hash?

Hash, also known as hashish, is a block of pressed cannabis resin; it’s also one of the oldest and most traditional ways of using cannabis. Hash is generally made by breaking cannabis resin off from marijuana buds. However, the methods of preparation vary from place to place, depending on the traditional techniques used in the region.

Types of Hash

There are three most popular types of hash you should know about:

  1. Bubble hash is made with the use of ice water and bubble bags. The material collected is dried into a powder which is then pressed into a crumbly piece, called bubble hash.
  2. Charas is traditional, hand-rolled hash ball you can find in northern India and Nepal. These balls look gooey and dark, and their texture reminds the one of a soft dough.
  3. Dry ice hash is made with dry ice, but it’s similar to bubble hash. It looks like a golden powdery substance you can sprinkle on your weed before rolling a joint.

How to Use Hash?

Here are the most popular methods of hash consumption:


This is the most old-school way to consume hash, usually in a spliff or a pipe. If you want to smoke just the hash, use a bong or pipe with a screen. However, if you don’t have one, you can always add the hash on top of your marijuana before rolling a spliff.


Vaporization is one of the healthiest methods of cannabis consumption. In order to vape hash, simply crumble it up just like a dried flower and put it into the chamber of your vaporizer. In fact, there is a wide range of vaporizers designed to vape marijuana concentrates, which allows you to vape your medicine everywhere you go.


If you’re a medical marijuana patient looking for an immediate and strong relief, dab hash to inhale the vapor in its most concentrated form. The effects are more intense than after smoking a joint, so it’s best to consume it in smaller doses.


Now, this option is for those of you who have hash oil.  You can add it to any food you desire, just like marijuana oil. By using hash oil, you can make your own marijuana-infused edible medicine at home.

The Effects of Using Hash

Now that you know how to use a hash, it’s time to learn more about its effects. Due to a really high concentration of THC, which is usually anywhere between 70% and 90%, you can expect to experience all the effects of cannabis, but in a more concentrated way. Most hash enthusiasts consume it to get rid of stress, unwind after a long day and achieve a more positive state of mind. However, there are more effects induced by hash, including:

  • relaxed, happy mood, which may be even elevated to the point of euphoria
  • giggliness and uncontrollable laughter
  • extremely increased appetite
  • dry throat, eyes, and mouth
  • increased risk of anxiety and paranoia after consuming too much

Can You Use Hash Medically?

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, using hash may be a good option for you. Keep in mind, though, to learn more about the medical use of hash and consult your marijuana doctor for more information.

One of the most popular ways to use has is to add a bit of the brown goodness to your other medical marijuana products in order to increase the amount of THC and adjust the effects to your liking. This approach will allow you to enjoy your medicine longer, as you don’t have to use as much of it daily.

When it comes to hash, it’s appreciated by many marijuana enthusiasts for its intense and powerful effects. Since trichomes are separated and compressed into a nice block of hashish, they induce a whole new type of high when compared to smoking regular dried flowers. Hash and weed have various effects on both brain and body, but the most important thing is to keep in mind that hash is packed with way more THC than weed. Thus, it’s best to keep the amounts of consumed hash under control to fully enjoy its benefits.

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