How to Roll a Joint
how to roll a joint

One of the most common ways of using weed is smoking a joint. Whether you’re consuming marijuana for medical or recreational reasons, it’s good to know how to roll a joint to have the best smoking experience ever. In fact, there is more than one method of rolling a joint, but what’s crucial is to make the most of both smell and flavor of your pot. Here is everything you need to know about rolling a joint to make it burn smoothly and evenly.

1. Gather Your Supplies

First of all, you should gather proper rolling supplies, including weed grinder, rolling papers, filters, and of course your favorite dried cannabis flowers. Many people recommend using a pencil or pen to pack the joint easily.

2. Choose Good Rolling Papers and Filters

Before you start rolling your first joint, focus on choosing quality rolling papers. buy Weed Medical Cannabis Online Calgary Edmonton QuebecySince they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and flavors, the choice may seem really tricky. Most experienced stoners recommend thin rice or wheat straw papers in standard or king size, depending on your needs. Keep in mind the thinner the rolling paper is, the better the joint will burn. You can find rolling papers online, at your local dispensary, tobacco shops, or in some convenience stores. Usually, quality rolling papers come with filters.

3. Grind Your Dried Buds

Now is the time to prepare your dried buds before packing the joint with it. Start by breaking them up into smaller pieces using a good grinder. Don’t forget to get rid of any stems, leaves, or seeds in order to grind your weed evenly.

Keep in mind, though, not to grind it too much, as it may cause troubles rolling a joint. If you’re a kief lover, consider choosing a grinder with a special sieve, which collects the powder so you can use it later. However, if you don’t like to wait for this precious stuff, consider purchasing kief online from a reputable source. Kief is well known for its high concentration of THC. You can simply sprinkle it over your pot before rolling your joint to get a more powerful high.

How much weed should you put in your joint? Depending on the situation and the size of your rolling papers, it’s usually recommended to use half of a gram per joint if you’re smoking alone. However, for a shared smoking session, consider using even 1 gram of weed.

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4. Prepare Your Mix

You can smoke a joint with nothing but clear weed in it, but you can also mix it with marijuana leaves or tobacco. In order to get an even consistency of your stuff, get rid of any “woody” parts. You can mix your weed with marijuana leaves, but the most popular, although not exactly healthy, way to go is tobacco. Now, when adding tobacco to your joint, you’re making a “spliff”.

Some people like to add the hash to marijuana before rolling a joint, but it’s mostly recommended for more experienced users. Another idea is to make a mix of pot and resin oil, which makes a joint even more potent. You can add it to your rolling paper or over your pot before rolling the joint to get a more intense high.

5. Prepare the Filter

It’s time to create a joint filter, also called a tip or crutch. Usually, good rolling papers come with filters, but if you don’t have any, you can easily use a thin cardboard or a business card. The first step is to fold the tip three times to create the folding before rolling it to the desired volume. It will allow you to avoid the marijuana mix from falling out into your mouth.

The filter will provide you with a calmer smoking experience. Plus, a solid filter is crucial in order to roll a perfectly stable joint, burning evenly without burning your fingertips.

6. How to Roll a Joint?

Now that you’ve prepared everything to roll a joint, all you need to do is go with one of the easiest methods of all times. To begin with, grab one of your rolling papers, keeping it the glue side up.

Before you start filling it with your marijuana mix, add the filter tip to your rolling paper. Once you pack it with a nice amount of the stash, it’s time to start forming your beautiful joint.

Make sure you’re packing the joint evenly to make it burn smoothly. Now, roll the joint between your fingertips until you get the perfect cylindrical shaped joint. Then, lick the glued strip of your rolling paper to close the joint before filling it with some more of your mix.

Last but not least, twist the end of your piece of work to close the joint and voila! You can grab a lighter and spark this handsome stick.

What is your way of rolling a joint? Do you like experimenting with different techniques? We can’t wait to read your comments!

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