5 Differences Between Dried Flowers and Cannabis Concentrates
Cannabis Concentrates

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, cannabis concentrates are gaining in popularity, but many cannabis enthusiasts feel intimidated to try this new trend. Keeping in mind many stoners search for a healthier alternative to smoking, using concentrates is an amazing way to go, as marijuana isn’t just something that has to be smoked in a joint. In fact, there are several methods of consumption you can try, depending on your needs.

Now, marijuana concentrates are a lot more potent than dried buds, which is why so many people think there is a complicated consumption method behind it. Although flower weed is definitely more familiar and seems so much easier, why bother using concentrates at all? Here are the X main differences between dried flower and cannabis concentrates.

1. Concentrates Come in Many Forms

A dried flower may come from a various cannabis strain, but usually, we’re getting the same thing: a dried bud, which can be either sativa, indica or hybrid. Although flowers may differ in terms of high they induce, the effects are more or less the same, as you can feel euphoria, happiness, chattiness, increased appetite, sleepiness or boost of energy, depending on the strain.

As for cannabis concentrates, these may come in many different forms, providing a wide range of effects, and this is what confuses most people when they see a number of funny names at the dispensary. Don’t let these options fool you – many of these are the same product under various names.

Now, here is what to take into consideration when buying cannabis concentrates:


Cannabis extracts come in various consistencies. The following names refer to a concentrate’s texture: honeycomb, shatter, wax, sap, oil, crumble, and sugar.

Extraction method

If you’re looking for the best method and you’re worried about consuming solvents, choose products made with heat (e.g. rosin) or water (e.g. hash). However, many concentrates are also extracted using propane, butane, CO2, alcohol, and hydrocarbons.

Consumption method

Aside from what’s most recommended, in terms of concentrates, it’s all about your preferred delivery method. When buying cannabis concentrates, talk to your budtender and decide if you want to dab something or try vaping. You can also choose ingestible concentrates, which are available in form of oil capsules or tinctures.

Speaking of which…

2. Different Methods of Consumption

The main difference between dried flower and cannabis concentrates is that the first one can be smoked, vaporized or rolled up, while concentrates offer a lot more options.

Hash and oils can be consumed similarly to dried flower weed, and some vaporizers come with a specific chamber for oils. However, some vape pens are designed to be used with dedicated cartridges of cannabis oil. If you’re eager to try it, consider rolling your regular dried bud joint with oils and hash.

Dabbing is what scares beginners the most, as the process seems a bit complicated. Don’t be fooled – it’s actually pretty easy. All you have to do is apply your concentrate to a hot nail before you inhale through your glass piece. Keeping in mind marijuana concentrates are more potent than dried buds, be careful with dosing at the beginning.

Tinctures are concentrates you need to apply sublingually. This way, the concentrate will enter your bloodstream almost immediately, acting faster than edibles and ingestible oils. On the other hand, tinctures are usually less potent.

Ingestible oils act similar to edibles in terms of the time you have to wait for the effects to occur. Plus, these usually last much longer. Ingestible oils can be high either in THC, CBD or both. If you don’t want to smoke marijuana, but can’t live without its beneficial effects, consider ingestible oils in capsules for treating your medical symptoms.

3. Concentrates are More Potent

One of the most important differences between cannabis concentrates and a dried flower is their potency. While buds come with 10% to 30% of THC, concentrates usually contain between 50% and 80% of THC; some specific extracts can even push past 90% of THC content! Thus, if you’re not a regular consumer, these numbers may scare you off.

Now, if you don’t feel comfortable enough to try THC concentrates, consider CBD-rich extracts that are mildly or non-intoxicating. Tinctures and hash also have lower THC level than other medical marijuana concentrates. Whatever your choice, always keep in mind to start with a low dose before working your way up while developing a tolerance.

4. Concentrates are More “Clean” than Dried Flower

One of the benefits of medical marijuana concentrates is that they are stripped of plant matter, and the valuable compounds (like THC and CBD) are isolated. Moreover, you can easily avoid harmful substances such as contaminants, pesticides, and residual solvents.

When smoking dried bud in a glass, it quickly becomes black with tar, which can have a bad influence on your lungs. However, when dabbing concentrates, both glass and water stay clean for a long time. If you’re a health-conscious cannabis enthusiast, consider vaporizing, which is the most recommended and safe method of consumption.

5. Terpenes and Flavor: Which One Has More?

Many cannabis enthusiasts love weed for the abundance of flavors and aromas, which is why they stick to dried flower. Unfortunately, concentrates usually lose their taste and smell in the extraction process, as terpenes are very volatile. Since they provide flowers with aromas of fruity, sweet, and floral to musky, earthy, and piney, it may be difficult to let it go and switch to concentrates. Thus, many manufacturers have started incorporating terpenes into their products afterward, which means we can actually get a more flavorful product that the dried bud it came from.

Do you have your favorite, unique consumption method? Let us know in the comments!

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