Common Myths About Weed
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Since marijuana has been demonized for decades, there are lots of misconceptions floating around our precious herb. Because of the stigmatization, there are many people thinking marijuana is harmful, and we’re about to set the record straight. It’s high time to tell you the truth about probably the most misunderstood plant on Earth. Here we go!

1. Marijuana causes addiction

You’ve probably heard many times in your life that marijuana is addictive, but the truth is it’s not. This misconception floats around the world causing people to think that once you try pot, you can’t stop.

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However, a recent study proved that only 9% of heavy marijuana users can become dependent. Sure you can always be mentally attached to your smoking sessions, but the truth is – you can always take a break. Moreover, there is no clear proof that it’s possible to become dependent on weed.

2. Weed is a gateway drug

Funny thing, there is no proof that marijuana use leads to other drugs abuse. In fact, there is a growing trend of treating addictions with cannabis, and studies confirm that most weed enthusiasts don’t go on to try more dangerous substances.

Since weed is illegal in many countries around the world, many people believe it may be a gateway drug. You should know there is no link between weed and other, more dangerous drugs. However, smoking a joint may lead you straight to your fridge!

3. You can overdose on marijuana and die

Although it is possible to smoke too much marijuana, which leads to vomiting or experiencing anxiety, any stoner will confirm it’s not possible to overdose on weed.

Theoretically, you can overdose on weed, but only if you smoke 40,000 times more material during your regular session. Since smoking one joint usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes, it’s physically impossible to overdose on weed. In terms of using marijuana, if you smoke too much – you’ll simply get super stoned.

4. Weed consumption leads to crime and violence

First of all, the weed myth is partially true, but only in those countries where marijuana itself is illegal and having it in your pocket means you’re committing a crime. However, there is no link between cannabis and violent crimes, which means smoking pot won’t make you a criminal. Additionally, a recent study shows that cannabis may be in fact invaluable when it comes to lowering the rates of assault and homicide.

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5. Weed causes loss in memory

Although marijuana may actually cause some sort of short-term memory impairment, the effect occurs only when having the highest levels of THC in your system. Plus, CBD prevents memory loss by inhibiting catabolic reactions in your brain. It’s not possible to lose memory by smoking a joint or two. Even when super baked, you won’t  lose your memories permanently.

6. Marijuana kills brain cells

Although it’s not recommended for children to use cannabis, the herb doesn’t cause any brain impairment among adults. Moreover, studies show that CBD may be invaluable in terms of proper brain development. Thus, it may be a great idea to supplement yourself with medical marijuana, as it defends one of the most crucial organs in your body against any damage or harm.

Many people claim weed makes people dumb, but the fact is weed won’t do any harm to your brain and it won’t influence your IQ. In fact, marijuana doesn’t damage your brain, but it surely protects your brain cells from damage caused by both biological and environmental toxins. Since cannabis has both antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, it helps fighting damage to brain cells. Moreover, valuable compounds found in marijuana promote the growth of new brain cells.

7. Weed causes lung cancer

Did you know there is no definitive link between smoking marijuana and lung cancer? While there are no deaths caused by weed, many people still spread the myth that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer and death. Moreover, heavy weed smokers have exactly the same chance of developing lung cancer as non-users. You may want to know that weed may actually help you prevent many conditions, including cancer.

8. All kinds of marijuana induce the same kind of high

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First of all, most people have no idea there are species of cannabis plants. In fact, there is more to weed than just sativa and indica. You can also choose to consume hybrid marijuana strain, which is a combination of indica and sativa in various ratios. Thus, we have numerous strains to choose from when it comes to using weed.

Sativas usually cause cerebral high that makes the user creative, more chatty, productive and happy. Indicas, on the other hand, are known for inducing a complete body relaxation and calm. Usually, these strains give a sleepy mood and a couch-lock. As for hybrid cannabis strains, these provide a wide range of effects, depending on the genetics. All in all, not all marijuana strains provide the same effects, nor even the same kind of high.

9. Weed is out of your system after 30 days

This is one of the most popular weed myths among young people. The truth is, it’s hard to tell exactly how long does marijuana stay in your system, as it depends on many factors. If you’re a newbie smoking the first joint in your life, you should be fine within a few days. However, if you’re an occasional stoner who enjoys weed on weekends, your drug test should come out clear in a couple of weeks.

What about daily marijuana users? Depending on the level of fat in your body, the traces of weed should be gone within a month or more. Another factor is how fast you’re metabolizing the THC, which is kept in your body’s fat. You should know that extra exercising won’t speed up the process, as it’s impossible to sweat out the THC.

10. Marijuana users are lazy and unsuccessful

I can already see a smile on your face. We’ve all heard it many times from a majority of people who are against weed. Many people will tell you that pot leads to an unsuccessful life that you’ll spend on your couch, lazy and unmotivated to do anything about it. However, the truth is that what you’re about to do with your life depends on your personality rather than the amounts of joints smoked.

There is a pretty long list of extremely successful and popular people who are true marijuana enthusiast. These individuals are the best proof that the myth is wrong. One of the best examples is Michael Phelps, a world-famous athlete, who is known for being a stoner. He smoked weed before and after the games, and he still got more gold medals than any other athlete in the history. Don’t blame weed for being unsuccessful or lazy, because it’s not the plant that makes you demotivated.

As you can see, it’s not a good idea to believe everything you hear about marijuana. There are lots of misconceptions about both recreational and medical marijuana now than ever before, and it’s best to learn about cannabis as much as you can. Spread the truth about the misunderstood plant and make sure to set the record straight the next time you run into someone sharing one of these irrational misconceptions.

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